How Have Yellow Pages Evolved Into Web Directories

The internet has become an integral part of our life. The dependency on electronic gadgets like laptops, smartphones, and tablets,plus internet has increased drastically. We depend on the internet for our work, entertainment as well buying and selling. Digitally buying, selling and renting products and services is becoming a common phenomenon all over the world. Businesses no matter how big or small need a robust and an active online presence to remind of their existence to existing customers as well as to attract new customers.

Online or web directories bring buyers and sellers together in one place. Although they are quite similar to yellow pages, web directories are much better and much more advantageous in several ways. Online directories are user friendly and easy to operate. The sellers, businesses and/or entrepreneurs can place online ads to inform the users of their products and services. Even a layman with minimum knowledge of the internet can easily place a classified ad on web directories to sell or rent any product or service.

The procedure to place an ad is quite easy and requires just a few minutes. The user/seller needs to register, fill in the form with details about the product/service like its specifications, features, price, etc., along with contact information and details, and upload the corresponding images to attract the buyer’s attention. The buyers can search for the required product or service category wise, alphabetically or by typing the keyword in the search bar.

Most web directories allow the users/sellers to place free ads or take a minimal amount to place ads which is nothing when compared to other mediums of advertising like print media, tv and radio or outdoor advertising. Web directories or online business directories are one of the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to reach your target audience and explore your options in the market before you go ahead with a purchase. is a reputed web business directory trusted by millions of internet users. Gurgaonsaath as the name suggests is an online directory dedicated to the citizens and businesses of Gurgaon. The citizens of Gurgaon can search for any product or service and sell/rent any product or service locally at the best prices. Businesses can reach clients, exporters and importers, retailers, shopkeepers, suppliers, etc. to purchase parts required in assembling the finished product.

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